The COVID-19 virus has changed our world, there is little to do now but hunker down, abide by the orders to stay in place, distance yourself from others and pray.

As a member of the Arabian Horse Community you are never really alone, by working together and doing the right things we will get through this pandemic. Please know that the Region 16 Delegates, from all of our Region 16 clubs, are aware and committed to doing what they can for the health and safety of our members and their horses.

We know that some members may be harder hit than others as we ride out this storm.

As members of AHA our first line of defense in tough times has been, and will continue to be the amazing Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund (AHDF). From the AHDF website… “An unexpected crisis can happen to any of us at any time, and we have little control, no matter how careful, over when, how, or where. What we do have control over is whether we are able to find a positive path out of any given disaster… “such a fitting description in this current environment. Click here to find out more:

We will be a conduit for any Region 16 member that might find themselves in need. Our region is committed to ensuring that our members horses are not affected beyond repair. Please reach out for yourself or someone you might know that is in need via whatever means is most convenient for you, phone, e-mail, twitter, facebook etc. We want to try to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. There will be resources to help, please don’t be afraid or too proud to reach out. Click here to find a Region 16 Club in your area:

We need to watch out for each other in these trying times.

Access & Download the application for the Region 16 COVID-19 Emergency Fund
Access & Download the ASHA Suggested Safety Practices for Opening Barns

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