Welcome to Region 16!

Cheryl Lane-Caron, Region 16 Director

Greetings to all Region 16 Members and Arabian horse enthusiasts,

Welcome to our new website!

I am honored to have been nominated, voted, and selected as your new Director for Region 16. I have been a proud member of Region 16 for more than 40 years affiliated through one of the many clubs affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) within our region.

What a whirlwind ride the COVID-19 pandemic has provided over the past year. Each and every one of us was affected in one way or another and 2020 challenged us to reevaluate our lives through a different lens. It became clear what really mattered – our health, the safety of those we love, and spending quality time doing what brings us joy. For many of us, that was spending time with our beloved Arabian horses! 

As I reflect upon 2020, in both my professional career and personal life, I realize I have much to be grateful for – especially my family, friends, and most of all, my horses. Remaining positive during these unusual times is something that I have strived to maintain. While many suffered great loss, others experienced great joy through the birth of a child, adopting a dog, or giving back in their communities. The common bond we all have is the Arabian horse, our activities with them, and our friendships that we develop along the way. 

Region 16 and AHA have many exciting new activities as we launch into 2021! Qualifications for both regional and national shows have been waived for this year. However, I implore you to support your local club shows which can be found under the competitions tab at the top of this page. If you are feeling a bit rusty after sitting out of competitions in 2020, or are forging a partnership with a new horse, AHA has also launched virtual horse shows. These are a great way to put what you have been practicing to the test and receive feedback – another great training tool to hone your performance.

AHA is launching a very active campaign for the Local Level/Community Outreach Program and I encourage all to become involved! Region 16 now has a team of three liaisons to help spread the word to local clubs and drive down through the region no matter what level of riding you do. 

Our Region 16 Youth group recently announced the selection of Kiki Basta as the new director. She brings great enthusiasm and we are looking forward to reactivating our youth programs. Please visit the youth page under the programs and events tab to connect with her. 

Last, but not least, the AHA Annual Convention will be hosted in a joint effort of Region 16 and Region 18. It is slated to be held on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in November 2021. Get your passports ready and join us! 

I fully support any and all ideas, suggestions, and recommendations, as well as volunteers. Volunteers are invaluable! Rally your friends, join a local Region 16 club, and become involved in whatever capacity is feasible for you. Many hands make light work so please, volunteer. We need you! 

While there are still uncertainties ahead, we are all more prepared for it than we were one year ago. The world in which we live is different now and the ability to keep up with change is paramount. As we seek balance in our environment, we can band together like our horses and become the change we wish to see.

We are in this together. You, me, us, the Arabian horse. Let us remember our roots, get back to basics, and find what brings us joy. We can do this!

Warm Regards,

Cheryl Lane-Caron
Region 16 Director

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