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Region 16 Standing Rules (Updated March, 2017)
. Region 16 Qualifying Shows, Show dates and protection policy:
  1. Region 16 qualifying shows may be approved by the Director without Delegate approval provided there is no change from past history or date and hosting club or is not on the same date as another Region 16 show. If there is any changes the Director will bring it back to the Board of Delegates for approval.
  2. Show dates for the following year will be reserved at the fall meeting. Each show/club will have first choice of the comparable date as protected by USEF with the normal rotation years taken into consideration.
  3. If a club wants to have a show on a date reserved by another club/show, it must request permission from that club/show. Permission may be refused based on just cause (generally understood to mean that another show held would likely reduce attendance). If the requesting club believes this refusal of permission is unreasonable, it may appeal to the Region 16 Executive committee to overrule the refusal. If such an appeal is made, the Executive Committee must report the appeal, its decision and the reasons to the Region 16 Board of Delegates at the next regular meeting.
  4. Approval of shows sponsored by non‐Region 16 organizations. The same policies apply as above.
  5. Shows/clubs outside the geographical boundaries of Region 16 requesting approval to host a Region 16 qualifier are permitted with the approval of the Region 16 Director and the Regional
    Director where the qualifier is held. (voted March, 2017)
  6. Concurrent Shows in Region 16 will be allowed or approved by the Region 16 Director. (Delegate
    vote March, 2017)
2. Budget Formulation all Allocation: The Executive and Internal Audit Committees will be responsible for preparing and presenting the budget each year for approval to the Board of Delegates. This should be done at the fall meeting and not any later than the Convention meeting for the following years budget..
  1. The Executive Committee will determine allocation of Contingency, Donations, Emergency Horseman's Funds and National Sponsorships budgeted line items not specified by the delegates.
  2. Investment funds must be placed in a guaranteed interest account (i.e. Certificate of Deposit). The maturity date must be staggered by month and year.
3. The Region 16 Meetings dates will be determined at the AHA Convention meeting and be in a preferable central location to all Region 16 members. (Albany area). The preferable dates are the last week in March, the first week in October and the third at the AHA Convention. If a meeting location is not centrally located, then every effort will be made to make the following meeting location a comparable distance in the opposite direction. Meeting location or type may be changed due to weather or other circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.
4. Region 16 Board of Delegates Meeting Agendas Region 16 Board of Delegates Meeting Agendas will sent by mail or by other electronic communication to Region 16 delegates on record. Minutes of past meetings will be posted on the Region 16 member's only web site.
5. Region 16 email news flash:.Region 16 email news flash: Is available to all Region 16 events either put on by Region 16 member or Region 16 club (other than regular club meeting) providing it is open to the public. One Email blast per event will be sent free of charge. If a second blast is requested for that event there will be a fee payable to Region 16 prior to it being sent. The fee will be no less that the cost incurred by Region 16 for sending a blast.
6. The Region 16 website:
  1. Region 16 will list at no charge all Region 16 qualifying shows, dates and contacts. Prize lists and results in PDF format.
  2. Region 16 clubs may post events at no charge (other than regular club meeting) on the web site provided they are open to the public.
  3. Region 16 will publish links to club web sites at no charge or reciprocity.
  4. Other events/pages/ads may be purchased and put on the website for 50.00 per event per page
  5. Links, other than club sites, will be allowed at no charge on the Region 16 web site provided there is reciprocity.
  6. All other request not listed above will be subject to approval of the Executive Committee.
7. Region 16 Championship Show:
  1. Will alternate between Syracuse NY and West Springfield, MA in July of each year. Dates in accordance with available dates at the facility, but the USEF protected date is the first choice.
  2. Judges & contracts: Region 16 Championship show judge's contracts must contain a clause forbidding the judge from judging any other show in Region 16 prior to the Championship show in the year of the contract (with the exception of Arabian Community Shows, all breed shows and fairs).
  3. Show fees (stalls, entry fees, etc) are set by the delegates. Recommendations of any increase from the show committee must be approved by the delegates prior to the show and by the AHA Convention meeting the year prior to the show.
  4. With input from the Show Committee and Manager, the Board of Delegates will determine the selection of classes to be offered and awards presented. Classes to be determined at the fall meeting but no later than the Convention meeting for the following year's show.

  5. i. "Give away" funds (not prize money) not to exceed 2500.00. Allocation of funds will be the responsibility of the show committee.
    ii. The Region 16 prize money will not exceed 225.00 per class or a total of 3500.00. Allocation of prize money will be the responsibility of the show committee.
    iii. Changes in the trophies awarded for Champion, will be presented for approval to the Board of Delegates.
    iv. The Delegates will determine if a Reserve Champion trophy will be awarded and the value of same. (currently none is given)
  6. Judges and officials, should be hired no later than eight (8) months in advance.
8. Delegate Convention reimbursement:
  1. Will be voted on at the budget meeting and after the Regional show when funds available are determined.
  2. If funds are available Region 16 will pay the Early Bird Registration Package only, provided the following conditions are met:
    i. If The delegate has attended two (2) Region 16 meetings in the year the convention is held. This would include the Caucus meeting at convention. Alternate attendance would count provided the club compensates the delegate for attending the convention or regional meetings.
    ii.The delegate is in attendance at all the General sessions to vote on the resolutions..
  3. Payment will be made at or immediately after the Convention in the following manner:

    i. If a club compensates the delegate for the convention package, the club will receive the payment. Clubs will be compensated for the number of delegates allowed and in attendance at convention as outlined in section 7.b.
    ii. If the delegate pays his/her own convention package, the delegate will be compensated as outlined in 8.b.

9. Region 16 Scholarship Program: Region 16 will sponsor a scholarship each year, subject to availability of funds. This program is open to all Region 16 members and is awarded based on competitive application on the basis of financial need, academics, leadership and Arabian Equine involvement. The amount is determined with the approval of the budget each year. The Director and a committee (appointed by the Director) will review all the applications and make the selection. The announcement and presentation of the winner will be at the Region 16 Championships each year and put on the Region 16 web site. Funds are sent directly to the institute of higher learning, not the individual recipient.

Adopted Nov 2009


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